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The health of your eyes is a precious asset,
defend it with lenses FLOOX®

Proper eye protection is surely what can help prevent the damage
that radiation over 400 nm wavelength (UV) can cause.

occhialini Such radiation, being equipped with intense energy content, are very dangerous being able to activate photochemical reactions responsible for damage to the visual system (keratitis, conjunctivitis actinic, cortical cataracts and damage, most important, in the retina).
Today the new technology FLOOX® for the flow of the radiation control can be a great help. The lenses photo selective FLOOX® protect our eyes from harmful radiation and prevent eye damage.
The use of photo selective lenses characterized by controlled flow, in addition to being protective against UV radiation, through eliminating and / or reducing the low wavelengths of the visible (blue radiation), can strongly reduce the effects of diffusion front of the retina (BLUE BLUR ) and the veil of distance (VELING GLARE) optimizing the contrast of objects viewed.
The lenses are manufactured with technology Freeform material of refractive index 1.500 and 1.600, depending on the need of the patient and of his ametropia.
FLOOX® lenses are recommended for those who practice an outdoor sport, for those who require a high eye protection and for people with special eye conditions* The classification of the cut of the weave length is guaranteed with a tolerance of less than 5%.



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